• A series of four Etna Project workshops is scheduled for 2015 in Maryland on the following dates:

    March 12-15, 2015
    April 9-12, 2015
    May 7-10, 2015
    June 18-21, 2015

    Online registration is now open!

The Etna Project: A Community of Reflective Practitioners

The Etna Project engages a growing community of interpreters who are reflective practitioners. We gather several times throughout the year for a long weekend of dialogue, sharing, and learning. We share a common language - terms for different aspects of the interpreting process that we use on a daily basis - and a common model for discussing the decisions that take place in the mind between the reception of the source language and the production of the target language. Individual practitioners refine their understanding of their own interpreting processes while in this collective environment.

As a group, these interpreters develop and apply a shared vocabulary and understanding of the interpreting process through active engagement in dialogue with one another. This opportunity is open to anyone who has taken the Foundations of Interpreting Processes Parts I and II.

We hope you'll consider learning with us in this environment.

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